About LongDB

Our Advantage

3 unique factors to help us succeed

LongDB Technology Ltd. is a professional big data platform software company. The company’s core product LongDB is an enterprise-level hyper-integrated platform combining distributed data storage and computing, real-time streaming data processing, data mining and analysis, data visualization, and data governance. LongDB can help solve various problems encountered by enterprises with PB to EB volume of data. It has an easy-to-use GUI, extensible open source components, and deeply optimized high performance parallel processing units. These unique features can accelerate the application and value realization of big data in various industries.

Our Team

Veterans from the data domain

The team members of LongDB Technology Ltd. came from top universities, research institutions and leading technology companies. We have a group of big data experts who have been for years focusing on various fields like telecommunications, finance, enterprises. We have rich experience in data warehouse, data modeling, data governance, and data mining. We also have a deep understanding of domain data.

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