Enterprise HiDi Read More singl-image LongDB's Hyper-Integrated Data Infrastructure is a distributed HTAP platform
that is combining real-time data access, scalable storage/compute
and fast analytics and learning capabilities.
One of a kind
data platform

Enterprise HiDi ABCDE for The Digital Economy banner data-color="#40444e" Empowering the Digital Economy with AI, BI, Cloud, Data to the Edge.
About LongDB

Technology Leader for Hyper-Integrated Data Infrastructure

LongDB Technology Ltd. is a professional big data platform company. The LongDB platform is an enterprise data platform integrating distributed HTAP (Hybrid Transaction and Analytical Processing), streaming data real-time processing, data mining and analysis, data visualization, and data governance. LongDB can help solve various problems encountered by enterprises with PB to EB volumes of data. It has an easy-to-use GUI, extensible open source components, and deeply optimized high performance parallel processing engine. These unique features can accelerate the application and value realization of data in enterprises, big and small.

Our Product

LongDB Enterprise HiDi

LongDB Platform Advantage

HTAP, streaming data processing, AI/ML seamless integration, self-tuning and self-optimizing, complete support for standard ANSI-SQL, compatible with open source ecosystem, no scalability limitation.

Our Service

Enterprise Professional Service