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Senior Pre-sales Technical director

Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the communication of customer's big data, cloud computing and AI technology-related business needs, product value delivery, solution preparation etc.;

2.Responsible for the full-cycle technical support of the sales project, including but not limited to formulating project technical plans, technical guidance, project bidding, solution preparation, demo production and presentation, and users' Q&A;

3.Responsible for communicating with users during technical support and POC, etc., and the technical communication with partners;

4.Work closely with the company's R&D center and marketing department, responsible for related communication, technical support, and technical document writing;

5.Maintain good technical communication with customers, and actively explore customer pain points and potential needs;

6.Coordinate and integrate relevant internal resources to provide customers with the best forward-looking solutions;

7.Responsible for product demonstration and promotion in marketing activities, and maintain a good partnership with partners;

8.Mentor and guide team members.

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor's degree or above in computer and related majors, master's degree is preferred;

2.8 years or more of pre-sale technical work experience or equivalent in the IT field;

3.Familiar with industry technology and application architecture, data warehouse, data mart, data governance, reporting and BI, data cleaning conversion ETL, data security, data compliance, data auditing and container technologies are preferred;

4.Familiar with 1~2 industries, familiar with industry development direction, technology trends, business models, industry major IT vendors, etc.;

5.Solution design, bid response, user communication experience, good writing and communication skills; familiar with traditional commercial databases (such as Oracle/DB2/Teradata) and open source databases, and have in-depth knowledge of cloud computing, big data and the frontiers of databases knowledge and practice;

6.Have good work ethics, have a certain degree of foresight and a high degree of professionalism, sense of responsibility, and grit;

7.Stay curious, keep the enthusiasm for the tracking, research and in-depth thinking of new technologies and new business areas.

Senior Industry Sales Director

Job Responsibilities:

1.According to the company's overall strategy and business development needs, formulate the company's strategic customers and key accounts' expansion plans;

2.Expand collaboration with various strategic customers and key accounts, explore and promote new cooperation or business models, and facilitate in project implementation;

3.Implement customer projects for key accounts, be responsible for project follow-up and various business tasks, and coordinate and cooperate within sales department;

4.According to the company's marketing strategy and product characteristics, be independently responsible for completing the company's annual, quarterly, and monthly sales targets;

5.Responsible for the collection of marketing information, competing product-related information, and analysis of competitors, and continuous grasp of market directions;

6.Clear sales targets (by time period, by industry, by region, by product level, by R&D stage);

7.Responsible for exploring joint solutions, product integration solutions and joint marketing models with partners.

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor's degree or above in computer, software, communications and other related majors;

2.More than 5 years of sales experience in IT software products (general software/industry application software), excellent prior sales performance;

3.Connections with customers in specific industries, such as finance, manufacturing, and telecommunications;

4.Have a keen market sense, the ability to grasp market trends and market directions, and have a deep understanding of the development of the industry;

5.Sales experience in enterprise-level application software or big data software, sales experience in big data, cloud computing, Internet industry or similar fields is preferred;

6.Strong channel development and maintenance capabilities, and strong deal delivery capabilities;

7.Have good work ethics, have a certain degree of foresight and a high degree of professionalism, sense of responsibility, and grit.

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